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Report on Update of Partograph

Report On  

Update of Partograph


Kabul province Shahr ara Hospital


Date: 1401/11/5


Prepared by: Dr. Shaharbano Akbarzada


The Afghan society of OBGYN has placed improving the quality of maternal and reproductive health care as one of its top priorities.

It is widely known that Afghanistan has some of the worst maternal and newborn health indicators in the world. Approximately every 30 minutes a woman dies from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth; this place her newborn baby (if it survives the birth) at a 1 in 4 chance of dying. We must continue our efforts to reduce this terrible burden. The OBGYN envisions is to promote the health and wellbeing of women in Afghanistan and to practice the Gynecology and obstetrics. Ensuring respect for woman and advancement of their status and promoting greater involvement of women in the specialty are fundamental to work of the society. To achieve high standards of professional care, the society will commit its resource, to promotion of educational activities and to strengthening its communication the society links with other, similar, societies.




Venue: Shahr ara Hospital

Course Title:   Update of Partograph

Starting Date: 1401/11/5

Closing Date:  1401/11/5

Course Facilitator:  Dr.Palwasha Alizai

Program organizers:  Spozhmai Nikben / Nazanin rahimi


Course Goal and Specific Objectives:

Goal:  To identify women whose labor is delayed and therefore decide appropriate action and To detect abnormal progress of labor as early as possible. To prevent prolonged labor.





Course Topics:

The following topics were discussed:


  1. Patient identification.
  2. Ways of preventing prolonged and obstructed labor.
  3. Stages of using labor Partograph.
  4. Parts of Partograph.


 Training Materials and Equipment 



The following training aids and equipment were used during the course:

  • Projector
  • White board and flipchart board
  • Markers
  • Banner





 Training Methodology:

Generally, the course was participatory in manner and all participants were actively involved.


During the training, the trainer used the following teaching methodologies:

  • Lectures
  • Group discussion and presentation
  • Individual activities
  • Question and answers
  • Brain storming


Course Evaluation:

The participants were evaluated by trainer through oral questions, 80% of participants successfully learn.



The event was carried out on Friday, December 02,2022 through a series of speech and collection of  four presentations lasting one day. The total attendance at the event was 156, including leading gynecologist doctors’, a representatives of Directorate of Public Health, Head of Afghan Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and other honorable Doctors’ of Balkh Province.

Attendees came from different provinces of North provinces including Balkh, Jawzjan, Saripul, Samangan, and Kunduz Provinces. They showed great interest in the event and were very satisfied from the great interest in the subject and work trough out with high contribution. The event aims on to promote and enhance the knowledge and professional skills of gynecologists and obstetric doctors, restoration of their rights and their integration to professionalism.

The presentation were delivered by speaker on Patients Communication, Colposcopy Ligation Internal lilac Artery, Updated petrography, US cord around the Neck by honorable Doctors.  There was also general election for the post AFSOG head for North region and won by Dr. Nasrin Sadiq Khojandi

The entire Participant benefited in some way and took back a lot of information to their job, Clinics and communities.  Most of the participant said informally that they learned about the AFSOG North has organized a great event of learning, we learned about the how to coordinate and collaborate different cases and learning activities.

The training program ended with Dr. Nasrin Sadeq Khojandi comments and conclusion, and she appreciates high contribution of Doctor’s trough out the Event session